Portable Grills

Grilling is something that all of us love to do, in the summer in the winter any time at all. The one thing that can sometimes be a little bit illusive is being able to grill anywhere. That does not have to be the case however, because there are portable grills on the market. Some of them are good, some of them are not as good in this article we will take a look at some of the best there is to offer and then give you in my opinion your number one choice for a portable grill.

The Napoleon TravelQ TQ285

This is one of the most recent portable gas grills from Napoleon it is lightweight and only weighs about 20lbs. It can be carried with one hand and even despite this small size it offers a good amount of grilling space so you can get the job done. The heat output of this model is good and it has a twin burner design so that you can cook a more versatile range of items on it. If you like to tailgate or go to the beach and grill this model is a good little one to take along and make your meals.

Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill

There is no doubt that infrared grills are powerful and now you can take that power on the go with you. This unit is 14,000 BTU and gives the most heat of any portable grill currently on the market. This unit is around 20lbs like many and it is all steel not just any steel either it is marine quality steel with a railing mount so you can take it on the boat with you. The unit offers 155 square inches of grilling area and you can use disposable propane bottles or convert it to using a full 20 pound tank.

Weber Q2200

This unit is what is often referred to as the cornerstone of the Weber Q line of portable grills. It is a portable grill, but weighs in heavier than many of the other units on the market at 42lbs so you will need two hands to carry it. However, it is a top of the line gas grill and will be perfect for a trunk for tailgating or you can use it on the balcony if you are an apartment dweller. You get 280 square inches of cooking space with this so you can have burgers, steaks, chicken and anything else you can think up to grill.

Here we have reached the best and versatile portable grill for you on the market the Cook-Air wood fired grill.

The biggest complaint across the line of portable grills is that many of them can’t produce a high grilling temperature that is sustainable. This wood burning model can hit and sustain a 1,000 degree F temperature for those who need a high temperature. The model has an internal fan that will create a cyclone to keep air moving over the burning wood and keep it hot. How would you like your steaks and burgers to have the taste of being cooked over a real campfire? This model does it for you and proves to be easy to move and create tasty meals.

What I know about Electric Grills

The traditional argument between those who grill is charcoal or gas however, there is a new kid on the block that has sparked a new argument gas or electric. Many die-hards will not accept the newer, smaller electric grills into the grill family, but they have their uses and are fairly easy to use. Let’s take a more comprehensive look at what an electric grill is, how you can use it and the difference between it and propane.

Electric grill: The most popular versions of these are counter or table top models that can feed anywhere from two to six people at one time. They are small, compact and easy to handle and clean. There are also larger outdoor models that can fit on your patio and will feed from twelve to fifteen people at one time. While electric grills are not as popular as they should be yes, they do offer a solid flavor. Some will say they do not offer as complex a flavor as gas, but that same argument is used between charcoal and gas, it comes down to personal preference.

When it comes to heating the electric grill will generate an intense and radiant heat and then powers off according to a timer. This helps to make it more energy efficient as it will turn on and off as needed according to the timer or if the coils get too cool. While it can be hard to sear foods you will get a good even cook using an electric grill.

The maintenance of an electric grill is fairly easy. The heating element of the electric grill can’t be submerged in water and when you are going to clean it you should unplug it. The space that this grill takes up is minimal and you can have it indoors or outdoors making it very versatile.

Gas grills are more popular than electric and they do have a larger variety because of this. Though many will say they provide a better flavor than electric this again comes down to a personal preference, most will say the best flavor is given by a charcoal grill.

Gas grills allow you to control the heat and you are able to have a continual steady temperature for a long period of time, they are difficult however to maintain low temperatures and work better for searing and other high temperature cooking.

Washing the gas grill is easier and you are able to remove everything from the heating plates, grates and grease trays to be washed in warm water and a little soap. The best place to keep a gas grill is outside, they need a great deal of space and need to be kept fully away from flammables.

In conclusion, if you are new to grilling or want something easy to use that is convenience an electric grill may be the best way for you to go. Electric grills offer convenience and an ease of use that you just won’t find with gas models.